YouTube – A Blog From My Phone

Note: I use my phone more than I use my lungs to breathe, but sometimes I would much rather sit at a computer and type. This is one of those times, but when it comes down to getting things done, you have to work with what you have. In this case, that would be my thumbs and an iPhone 6sPlus touchscreen. 

So about YouTube. The website that makes people famous for anything and everything. Admittedly we’ve all found ourselves browsing YouTube and watching video after video of someone “failing” at something, wrecking their brand new car, or maybe even a tear-jerking replay of a 2002 super bowl commercial. What a lot of people aren’t familiar with is the potential that exists within the seemingly endless boundaries of that website. It’s not all compilation videos, music, and clips of old TV. 

About a year ago, I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of a professional video gamer that I follow (Matt “Nadeshot” Haag). Yes, that is a thing. In fact, it’s a huge thing. A multi-million dollar business community built around something so simple as video games. ANYWAY I started watching and shortly thereafter, I discovered a different side of YouTube that I never knew existed. An entire community of people whose lives are built around sharing their everyday adventures and experiences with people around the world via video. “Vlogging” as the term was coined, is basically a video blog of a series of events. Some of the more popular YouTubers do it daily. Maybe even a couple times a day. Just a short video highlighting the highlights. 

To make a long story short, I fell in love with this new style of content. I wish I had discovered it years ago. I now subscribe to a ton of awesome YouTubers and watch their daily vlogs… Well, daily! I use the videos as inspiration for many things as well as entertainment. I have seen that there is so much to this wide world we live in, and every minute spent watching these people’s videos is another minute of inspiration to further my adventures and explorations. 

The moral of the story: after a year (ish) of watching and being inspired, I have finally mustered up the courage to dive headfirst into this thing and put some content out there of my own. By no means do I think it’ll make me a millionaire, but I do think it will be fun. I have a good time with life, so why not share it with the world, right? RIGHT!

Sometime this week I will be launching my YouTube channel and posting a few videos to kick things off. I’m hoping the reaction is decent enough to where I can find the inspiration to keep going. We’ll see. In the mean time, stay tuned here and follow the rest of my social media pages for more updates, more different content, and more of my rambling random thoughts. If you’re interested, the list below is a list of some of the channels I follow that I really enjoy. I’m a car nut, a gamer, a fisherman, and a photographer, so my channels are mostly centered around that sort of content. If you’re interested in reading an actual book (or E-book) about the technology world, you can check out the book link below to the best book I’ve ever read that’s written by Justine Ezarik (known as the “queen of YouTube”).
Thanks for reading everyone! Stay tuned for more!

PJ’s Twitter & Instagram: @PJ_815

Photography Website:


*Best Book I’ve Ever Read*

Nadeshot’s YouTube (Vlogs & Video Gaming)

Justine’s YouTube (Vlogs)

Optic Gaming’s YouTube (Video Gaming Organization & ESports)

Hitch’s YouTube (Vlogs & Gaming)

Salomondrin’s YouTube (CARS!)

BlackTipH YouTube (Deep Sea Fishing)


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